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Integrate SimplePDF straight into your website

  1. to get your own custom domain ("yourcompany" in the example below)
  2. Copy this snippet and paste it into your website:
  3. Plain HTML - Live example
    <iframe src="https://yourcompany.simplePDF.eu/editor" style="border:none" height="720" width="480"></iframe>
    <script src="https://unpkg.com/@simplepdf/web-embed-pdf" companyIdentifier="yourcompany" defer></script>
    React - Live example
    import { EmbedPDF } from '@simplepdf/react-embed-pdf';

    <EmbedPDF companyIdentifier="yourcompany">
    <a src="https://cdn.simplepdf.eu/simple-pdf/assets/example_en.pdf">A PDF example</a>
  4. That's it!