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>How to view and edit PDF in Excalidraw

How to view and edit PDF in Excalidraw

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August 13, 2023
Benjamin André-Micolon

What if you could look at the design document right next to your sketches in Excalidraw?

Or sketch some diagrams for your class while the PDF is opened on the side...

Or even ask your customers about their preferred sketch and illustration without having to leave Excalidraw?

It's now possible, thanks to the SimplePDF integration in Excalidraw!


Excalidraw is a virtual hand-drawn style whiteboard that offers collaborative features and is end-to-end encrypted.

At SimplePDF we use Excalidraw for sketching features, both the technical implementation as well as the designs.

We also use Excalidaw for illustrations! In fact you may have noticed them on the SimplePDF embed page

So when Excalidraw announced the ability to embed websites into any board, we could not miss the opportunity!.

Adding SimplePDF to Excalidraw is the best way to view, edit and even submit forms without leaving your board

Adding SimplePDF to excalidraw

TL:DR: Add as a Web-Embed in Excalidraw

1. Select the Web-Embed in Excalidraw

Selecting the web-embed feature in Excalidraw

2. Enter the SimplePDF Embed URL

  • Opening PDF from your device:
  • Opening a PDF hosted online:

It also works with any SimplePDF form

SimplePDF displayed in the Excalidraw board

3. That's it!

Showcasing the ability to display a PDF in Excalidraw with SimplePDF

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

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