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How can SimplePDF help your business

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December 31, 2022
Benjamin André-Micolon

Turning paper forms into web forms can be expensive, but the SimplePDF editor makes it easy to turn PDF forms into web forms in minutes AND getting notified every time there is a new submission from your customers or partners.

Automating and processing your paperwork and data can be this easy!

SimplePDF makes it easy to turn paper forms (PDF) into web forms

How does the SimplePDF editor work?

The approach is very simple - the PDF form does not change (it still looks the same), yet it is enhanced with web form capabilities: you get the best of both worlds.

This way your costumers can easily fill out your PDF forms straight from your website and you get to process and automate the data they have given you.

It does not require any technical knowledge

Turning a PDF form into a web form only takes a few minutes, saving you a lot of time.

If your PDF form was already interactive, it in fact takes only seconds.

If your PDF form is not yet interactive, you only need to position the fields wherever they need to be positioned.

A name is required? Just put a text field where the name needs to be filled-in.

A picture is needed? Use the picture field.

A signature? The signature field.

You get it: there's a ready-made field for every part of your PDF form.

SimplePDF web forms are PDF forms with super powers

Because SimplePDF editor does not change the look and feel of your PDF form, your customers will not be confused.

It will be the same PDF form as before, except that they will now use a computer or phone to fill it in and all this can be done without leaving your website.

Save everyone's time

Before SimplePDF editor the usual flow for filling in a PDF form looked like this:

  • 1. Customers download the PDF form from your website
  • 2. They look for a way to fill the form, which can be costly both money and time wise - meaning you probably lose some clients during this step.
  • 3. They look for a way to send the filled-in form back to you (usually via email) which creates more work for you.

Now by using SimplePDF editor, there is just one step:

The filled-in PDF form is then automatically sent to you and you get notified about it (via email and / or the other integrations)

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